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The manufacturing of the LTC - Lufttechnik Crimmitschau GmbH is divided in the following product groups:

  • Filter systems for separation of air pollutions (dust, gas, smoke)
  • Air conditioning plants for industrial building and public buildings
  • RTO - Plants (RTO = Regenerative Thermal Oxidation)
  • Exhaust air scrubber (counterflow / cross-flow)
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Biological filter
  • Vessels
  • Tanks, Hoppers
  • Special equipments
  • High-grade steel processing
  • Service
  • Consumer products

Fire Tube "SeveruS"

The LTC - Lufttechnik Cimmitschau GmbH developed, manufactures, mounts and services complete plants. Therefore the customer receives all areas from the product development up to the commissioning from one hand.

The service of the LTC - Lufttechnik Crimmitschau GmbH distinguish itself by the following properties:

  • single-handed delivery of the components and complete plants
  • site assembled components and complete plants with own staff
  • maintenance and reparation during the after sales service
  • maintenance contracts coordinated on the respective plant
  • conceptual consultation and constructive design of air conditioning plants, filter systems and apparatuses

The following products belong also to our production programm:

  • pressure resistant and shock pressure resistant equipment
  • pipeline components for example transition pieces round/rectangular (dimensions: 100mm to 2.500 mm)
  • cyclones
  • dust spark arrestors
  • filter housing for industrial, pharmaceutical and food industrie
  • steelwork (platforms, ladders, stairs)
  • discharge screws
  • Flex-Flap-Systems
  • sound suppressors
  • butterfly valves, with mechanical, motor-driven or pneumatic actuator
  • pneumatical sliders
  • double shuttle valves, with mechanical or motor-driven actuator
  • Big-Bag - Stations
  • bag discharging stations

pneumatical slider

For the sound protection we manufacture the following components:

  • housing for sound protection
  • splitter silencer
  • duct silencer
  • disc silencer

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