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Data protection

Data protection notes

LTC - Lufttechnik Crimmitschau GmbH, Gewerbering 24, D-08451 Crimmitschau ("LTC") maintains websites under the domain www.ltc-crimmitschau.com (“Website”). On the website you can get more information about LTC and the products and services, which we offer. LTC knows, how important the protection of personal data is. LTC promises, to protect your privacy, and treat them confidentially. The data will not be used for any purpose other than stated in this data protection. All data processing takes place in accordance with this data protection and the applicable laws.

(1) Why does LTC process your data?

If you use our contact possibilities or forms on the website, your data will be processed, so that we can respond to your comments and questions. When you ask for product information, your data will be processed, so that we can process this requests as well as for statistical purposes, to see which products information be requested. When you apply for a job with LTC, your data will be processed so that we can evaluate if we have a suitable job for you in our company. Your data will also be processed to improve the services offered by LTC on the website. This includes the observation and analysis of which pages and information you visit on the website so that we understand how the website is used. This allows us to provide you with better services and information that interests you.

(2) What data is processed by LTC?

When you complete a form or submit a request for product information, LTC processes the information, that is necessary to contact you, like for example name, adress, country, phone number and E-mail as well the content of your request or feedback. When you apply for a position within LTC, LTC will process your contact information and any personal information provided by you for evaluation of your personal qualification. This information will be transmitted directly to the LTC Human Resources Department. When you access the website, we can analyze which areas of the website you visit and what information you access. We do this so that we can offer better services and information, that might interest you.

(3) Who has access to your data?

Only LTC has access to the data collected by the website. We forward the feedback and the request for information to the corresponding contact person / department within LTC. Information that you provide us for a job application will never be disclosed to third parties outside of LTC.

(4) Does LTC transmit your data to third parties?

Except in the above mentioned cases, your data will not be sent to, disclosed to or transmit to any party other than LTC. The website contains links to other websites and e-mail addresses outside LTC. This data protection does not apply to such websites and email addresses.

(5) Does LTC use your data for direct marketing?

LTC does not use your personal information to send unsolicited offers or advertisements to you, nor will LTC sell or trade with your data. If you request information about our products and services, LTC will provide them for you and will send you the relevant information. When we send you information, we also offer you the possibility to unsubscribe further information.

(6) Where is your data stored?

In most cases, LTC stores the data on its own servers. The servers are owned by LTC or maintained by LTC.

(7) Is your data safe at LTC?

LTC ensures, that appropriate technical and organizational activities against unauthorized and unlawful processing to protect your data as against accidental loss, destruction or damage.

(8) Which rights do you have regarding your data?

You are not obligated to provide the requested data to LTC. However, if you disagree with data collection, it can be possible in some cases, that LTC can not process with your request or can not answer as requested. You are entitled, to request information from LTC, whether and what personal information LTC has processed in relation to you. You also have the right to request LTC to correct, amend, block, or delete all or a part of the collected data. You may object to the processing of your data or the purpose of the processing. LTC agrees to respond promptly to such requests. You can withdraw your consent to the processing of your data at any time. If you wish to withdraw your consent and subsequently terminate the processing of your personal data by LTC, you can do so by letter or e-mail.

(9) Who can you contact?

Corresponding inquiries please send to: datenschutz@ltc-crimmitschau.com or to the following address:
LTC - Lufttechnik Crimmitschau GmbH, Gewerbering 24, D-08451 Crimmitschau, Germany
LTC performs all of its data processing in accordance with European privacy laws (e.g., DSGVO) and the Federal German Data Protection Act (BDSG) in its current version. To further ensure compliance with the laws, LTC will revise this privacy policy from time to time.

By using this website you consent to the processing of your data in above mentioned sense.

Data protection notes of LTC - Lufttechnik Crimmitschau GmbH for customers and other affected persons based on the obligation to inform under Article 12-14 DSGVO

With the following information, we would like to give you an overview of the processing of your personal data by us and your rights under the Data Protection Act.

(1) Who is responsible for your data?

The responsible office for your data is

LTC - Lufttechnik Crimmitschau GmbH
Gewerbering 24
D-08451 Crimmitschau
Tel: +49 (0) 37 62 / 95 52 - 0
Internet: www.ltc-crimmitschau.com
E-Mail: info@ltc-crimmitschau.com

Our company data protection responsible staff can be reached via the above mentioned contact information or directly: datenschutz@ltc-crimmitschau.com

(2) Which of your data do we process?

To process and execute your requests, orders, etc., LTC collects, stores and processes the following data:

- address data
- Names of contact persons
- Telephone and fax numbers
- Email address
- Bank accounts
- tax numbers

(3) For what time does LTC process your data?

The duration of the processing of your data results from the terms of the cooperation or contracts with you. We also store and process your data for pre-contractual contact and for processing individual orders. Additional data will be stored within legal limits (e.g., tax authorities, etc.)

(4) Why do we work with your data?

LTC works for you in particular as a manufacturer in plant construction of dedusting equipment and pressure equipment and their services. We collect, store and process your data for the purpose of:

- Pre-contractual processing of your inquiries, quotation requirements and general business initiation
- Sales, marketing and customer information
- Processing your orders and fulfillment of contracts
- Contacting and processing for the purpose of service

(5) Which groups of people are affected?

LTC collects, stores and processes data from:

- customer
- suppliers
- interested persons
- subscribers
- service providers
- other business partners

(6) Which data protection rights do you have?

You always have the right to:

- Information about the data stored by LTC about you
- Correction of your data
- Deletion of your data
- Restriction of data processing
- Objection to the processing of data and the transfer of your data to third parties

For the above mentioned points we ask you for an instruction in written.

(7) Who works with your data?

Data of you stored on our systems is only accessible to LTC employees, who are involved to fullfill the contract or job. All employees of LTC have been instructed and committed to the protection of their data according to DSGVO. For individual processes we give your data to third parties. e.g. Banks, suppliers or service providers for the agreed order or contract processing. Your data will not be disclosed to partners in a third country outside the EU or to international organizations.

Best regards,

LTC - Lufttechnik Crimmitschau GmbH
The responsible staff for data protection

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